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About Us

Inspection Syndicate of India Pvt.Ltd. - a name to reckon with quality assurance and development in the field of packaging , mostly associated with polymer and jute. For over three and a half decades, we are carrying the goodwill of being the most trusted name as far as pre and post dispatch inspection and testing of packaging materials is concerned. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization.

Our scope of operation covers inspection(both pre and post despatch) of woven sacks made of Jute/HDPE/PP, LDPE/LLDPE films, tarpaulins, FIBC(Jumbo Bags), carry bags, polyester threads etc. We are having our branches at all locations wherefrom 90% of the packing goods are being manufactured and exported in India. We are therefore potent enough to arrange for any sorts of inspections anywhere at any point of time and at the cheapest rate possible. We are having highly equipped laboratories for conducting all sorts of physical tests and our Kolkata Laboratory is accredidated by NABL(National Board for Accredidation, Testing and Calibration of Laboratories). One can therefore be cent percent assured of the genuinty and preciseness of our testing equipments and procedures. Hence lower pricing, accessibility and high performance are the three elements that have helped us to us to gain a cutting edge over our rivals and proceed with skyrocketing celerity.

However, the scope of our operations actually goes way beyond mere inspection and testing of materials to prevent the reaching of defective products at buyers’ hands. We are ardent proponents of the thought that QUALITY CAN BE INSPECTED ONLY WHEN THE SAME IS BEING MADE.

Here the word being made has two meanings –:

  • Making of quality products as per the preset standards to satisfy the clients
  • Constant upgradation of the quality and getup of the product as against standards, revised time to time in order to address the ever changing market demands.

This thought has been driving us to get continuously involved in research and developmental activities regarding time to time upgradation of specifications of various parameters thereby uplifting the quality and looks of the materials, ready to face the demands of the business world in terms of performance and getup. We provide in depth consultancy services to the buyers and suppliers, suggesting them preventive, curative and developmental measures regarding quality of the materials and suggesting time to time modifications as per requirement.