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From Director's Desk

In today’s fiercely competitive business environment we are witnessing fast growth and prosperity of players in large numbers in every sector of products and services. None are leaving any stones unturned to match the rivals in terms of quality and appearance of products and standard of services. This makes it increasingly difficult for consumers to select and stick to any particular provider. One effective way to combat this dicey situation for the players is to undergo effective branding that helps to create a distinct image of it’s products and services in consumer’s mind thereby demarcating the same from those of the rivals. One of the most important aspects of branding is Packaging. Effective packaging not only facilitates easy transportation and safety of the products but also helps to create an alluring impact in buyer’s mind by means of attractive get up of the packing material accompanied by eye-catching logo & printing quality.

At Inspection Syndicate of India we are continuously working upon controlling and developing the quality of various kinds of packaging products made of Jute and polymers on behalf of various producers of products like cements, fertilizers, foodgrains, petroleum etc in India and abroad. We believe that Quality can be inspected only when the same is being made. Thus we have been successful in enhancing our image as Quality Developers – much beyond mere inspection agencies. This has in turn helped us to demarcate ourselves from our rivals and become the no. one Quality Assurance concern in India. Today we have over 90% of all big players in Cement, Fertilizers, Foodgrains and Petroleum sectors in India as our clients. The way things are going I am highly optimistic of getting this India converted into World in near future.

Arnab Basu