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From MD's Desk

The world is a Global Village, characterized by blatant and ruthless competition in each and every sphere of life. Business being no exception is witnessing a fierce and increasingly growing competition at every sector. All sectors are flanked by innumerable players from all sides, each one striving to surpass the others through performance. Thus the current scenario is nothing but a reflector of the eternal truth of the Evolutionary Theory “Survival of the Fittest”. Here the word “fit” is a function of two factors – Quality of products & services and Right attitude. The only way of staying in the competition is delivering products & services of the highest quality. This can be achieved only by having the correct attitude by which one can not only deliver high performance through proper knowhow but can also upgrade the same by staying updated technologically, thereby keeping in pace with the dynamism of the fast changing business world of present.

We, the people of Inspection Syndicate of India Pvt. Ltd are ardent followers of this thought and hence strive to engineer a perfect blend of quality and attitude to ensure prosperity. By providing inspection and testing services of the highest quality we ensure the arrival of the best quality products at buyers’ hands. By means of continuous monitoring of suppliers’ performance and guidance, we facilitate attitudinal reengineering in them. This two-way functioning has led us in establishing a perfect chain of harmony amongst the buyers and suppliers of Polymer and Jute made packaging materials, thereby catapulting our brand image as the most trusted name for Quality Assurance in woven sacks industry to a towering magnitude. I am hopeful of growth and sustainability of the same in the long run.

Asok Kumar Basu

Managing Director